Milwaukee Police Department - Second District
245 W. Lincoln Avenue

General office 935-7222 (24 Hours)
Lieutenants Office 935-7221 (24 Hours)
Captain’s Office 935-7220

Community Liaison Officer; P.O. Jose Arzaga 935-7228
Nuisance Abatement Squad; P.O. Cory Harris/P.O. James Morsovillo 935-7763
Assistant District Attorney; Paul Hauer 935-7627
Assistant City Attorney; Eloisa De Leon 935-7626

Milwaukee Police Department - First District 
749 W. State Street 

General office 935-7213 (24 Hours) 
Lieutenants Office 935-7211 (24 Hours) 
Captain’s Office 935-7212 

Community Liaison Officer; P.O. Jose Alba 935-7701 
Nuisance Abatement Squad; P.O. Steve Stelter/P.O. Jeff Cline 935-7729 
Assistant District Attorney; Paul Hauer 935-7627 
Assistant City Attorney; Eloisa De Leon 935-7626

City Aldermen

Aldermen Jose Perez, District 12; 678-9561  or

Aldermen Terry Witkowski, District 13; 286-8537
Aldermen Tony Zielinski, District 14; 286-3769

City of Milwaukee

Department of Neighborhood Services; 286-3441 
Parking Enforcement; 286-8300 
Graffiti Hotline; 286-8715  or

Milwaukee County

County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic, 278-4232
County Supervisor Peggy West, 278-4269
County Supervisor Richard D. Nyklewicz Jr. , 278-4252

State Representatives

State Representative Jocasta Zamarippa; 414-384-2786

State Senator Tim Carpenter; 800-249-8173

Federal Representatives

Congresswoman Gwen Moore;  297-1140

911 for emergencies 933-4444 non-emergencies

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Comment by Gravity Marketing on December 30, 2010 at 6:30pm
this is really helpful, thanks for posting!

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